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Quality Fencing

Garden fences are the best way to keep your garden  area private and secure against potential intrusion from people, animals and overgrown shrubs. They form a barrier between your outdoor paradise and the rest of the world – isolating you from the unwanted sights and sounds of the environment around your property. So it is only right that you invest in garden fencing which is great in appearance as well as durable against the weather and the rest of the world.

We can provide our customers with wooden fencing which is strong and long lasting because all of the products we supply and use here at Garden Force are of the highest quality. Our team of fencing specialists will design and install brand new fencing from the foundations up, replace existing fencing to a higher standard, or design a whole new fencing strategy around your premises.

The fences we supply will be tailored to your needs, so if it’s tall wired fencing you require, or just standard wooden fencing, we are happy to assist you with the new garden venture.

Fence Panels

Often fence panelling can become broken  and dilapidated due to constant weathering and other occurrences such as accidental human damage. These broken panels can cause a garden area to look disused and unpleasant, ruining the whole of the appearance of your garden even if you have taken a great deal of time getting the rest of it looking beautiful.

If this is the case for your fence panels then do not despair, Garden Force can have your fences looking great again in no time at all. If you have a concrete foundation and structure already in place for your fencing system, then we can simply slot in some new panels at your convenience and at affordable prices. We have a wide range of wooden fence panels available, and we will find one that suits your budget and your fencing structure. Our team of fencing experts can survey your fence and have new panels ordered for the proposed work in no time at all, regardless of what type of fence you have.

So if you require wonderful wooden fencing in Northampton, Wellingborough or the surrounding areas that is strong, long lasting and great in appearance, call Garden Force today on 01933 394484 or 07909833575 for assistance.